Friday, September 28, 2007

DSP to DC & Philips

It is DUMC’s great move. So what better to do than help out there since I’m so unemployed (pre-employed). I guess God made lots of things very timely…well, I sort of plan a bit lah, but He made it happen.

After all the thinking and rethinking and finally having my mum’s approval and peace from God, this is it. Spent many weeks running around with Fui Ping – who happened to be on a break from work. It was a good way of just seeing and understanding how things are done…which is an eye-opener. Of course I was also job hunting a the same time…

The call came… they want an interview… it’s Philips. And it is located on the 9th floor of my ex-company….how weird…

I got the job! Starts 1st October. Exactly when $$$ is running out. God is really good to me. He answered many of my prayer…

1. a job near church or near home
2. NOT doing accounts
3. do not pay me lower than my current salary (well, they paid the same, but that means no increment for the next year)
4. 5 days week
5. do not work on PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!!!!!
6. no crazy boss

This is really from God. Many were kind of worried for me when I first throw in my resignation before getting a new job. Well, I didn’t have much leave left to go for interview, considering most employers only wanna interview during working hours AND most importantly….I had the peace of GOD. YES!

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