Sunday, June 06, 2010

Calvin & Jing Yee

5th June 2010
My younger brother and his girlfriend of 13 years finally got married. We had the traditional Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony yesterday. I don't recall my house being packed up with so many relatives and friends before!

A simple wedding dinner was held at Bangsar Seafood Garden Ballroom. This is a great place to have weddings. The ballroom is impressive, the food is great AND they have Saroj, the AV guy who can do live switching with the little CCTV cameras. It helps when you are blocked by pillars.

Thank God for great friends. My brother and sister's friends were very very supportive, sporting, generous and helpful in every possible way. Lots of thing would not have been possible without them :) Oh yes, I have a sister now.

Photo by Olivia

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