Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hat Yai

23rd – 25th April 2011
This is one random trip that my friends and I booked spontaneously. Since I’ve never been there, and most of us are a little stressed up, I thought let’s just go! We stayed at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. The elevator stinks, the room stinks and the lobby stinks. Will never stay there again, there are plenty more pleasant hotels nearby. But it is very convenient with shopping complexes just next door.

Shopping for stuff like mangoes, dried mangoes, cashew nuts are much more reasonable than back home. But a challenge to carry them back. Oh Swensen’s ice cream is MUCH cheaper there too. Yes, yes, how can I forget the beers.

The city is dusty but the food was great - definitely need to get a little further from the hotels as those too near ALWAYS overcharge tourist. We got around a lot with the “tuk-tuk” local taxis. It is challenging for me as other than Thai, the locals only speak hokkien. I can understand the dialect but totally can’t speak it. Wished my family spoke more dialects.

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