Monday, September 20, 2010

KA Team Building

18th-19th November 2010
Adeline’s Villa

Jumping into a new working environment and new role is scary but I truly treasure the learning opportunities. So glad for this trip because it will definitely help build a stronger team. After our offsite meeting, we were off to Adeline’s Villa in Gopeng.

We were welcomed by Adeline herself as we arrive at the villas in the late evening. It’s a quiet and pretty place. We had a little chat with her about how she started up with the place with just RM5000 and a lot of discouraging advices. She is truly a determined lady. She finds great pleasure in cooking and watching her guests enjoy her cooking.

Some of the villas can fit up to 10 people so we occupied 3 units. The place is pretty well maintained and very new part of her resort. The older part of the resort (Adeline’s Rest House) does not have attached bathrooms and air conds – which will probably have a much closer to nature feel.

The next day was fun-filled with activities. We had white water rafting in the morning. Yes, since I was here in 2009, I knew we had to do water confidence. Water was a little cold in the morning but that just adds to the thrill! Had a blast screaming all the way.

After water rafting, we were back at the resort and this time for paintball! My very first game. Someone came up with the idea to do girls vs boys. Did I mention there were 10 ladies and 5 guys?! We had 3 games and most of us got shot or ran out of bullets too fast. But the last 2 games, I was the last one standing! Because of that they guys blamed me for causing large bruises on them. To finish off our pellets, we had target practice. I hit my target after barely 5 attempts. It’s was far. I’m proud to say, I think I’ve found one of my gifts.

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