Wow, it seems like years since my last post. Actually, quite a few things happened. Like...I finally passed my last paper. Bye bye to all the accounting stuff. Hehehe. Just pray that I could find a job...hopefully something that won't require me to study anything to do with accounts!

Actually, I have been working. Well, sort of. Been helping out Joseph at his office...entering some accounting info into the computer. That's done now. So I guess I should be more actively hunting for job.

Many have been asking what kind of job am I looking for. That is quite a difficult question for me. Cause I'm not too sure myself. Sounds like a very lost person?! I'm not too interested in doing accounts, so audit is probably out. Maybe I'm just a bit paranoid by the thought of studying anymore accounts right now. Don't think I want to do sales...probably can't sell anything. PR or event management.....sounds interesting but I'm so unwilling to work during the weekends. If it is once in a while I think it is still acceptable but if most of the work takes up my weekends, then I think I'll pass.

*sigh* So picky huh. And I'm looking for my 1st official full time permanent job!!! I have a strange feeling I'll compromise and do one of the above! Well, will try to keep eveyone updated on my quest for my 1st job.

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    AL said...

    Hey, you are real picky....fix your eyes on Jesus...i believe He has lots to tell you what to do...just that sometimes we are not attentive to HIM...;)

    Will always Keep ya in Prayer

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