Friday, April 01, 2005

April Fool...backfire!!!

E-mail 1

From: Beng Keat
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 9:23 AM
Cc: Lai Li
Subject: Is a Triplet!!

Dear All,
With much delight we want to share our greatest jof of all in our latest scan with the doctor with you , and we were told to expect a TRIPLET!

It was WOW! WAH! and WOW! again. We gonna have 3 children at one go! Just imagine that both Lai Li and I had never have younger siblings and now we will have this tremendous priviliege to take care of 3 babies at one go.

Yes! we are prepared spritually, mentally and physically to take up this responsibility and truly looking forward to that exciting date in June. We have been assured by all of your love too in the CG that some of you will be helping us out.

Guessed that for those who stay nearby like Andrew Lau, Sook Fern, Kheng Yew, Julia, Amy, Jee Ing and Jonathan will be of great blessing to us to take care of the 3 babies at certain time when we are out.

Lai Li and I will not giving up dating one another over the weekend and we can always place our trust of the 3 babies on any 3 of you. (1 baby for 1). Thanks so much in advance!

We are overjoyed. Hoped that you will share this moment with us too!

ps We have also decided to give away a "mysterious gift" for those who are able to get the gender right for the Triplet. ( You may start suggesting their names too)


E-mail 2

From: Julia
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 2:25 PM
To: Beng Keat; Lai Li;
Subject: RE: Is a Triplet!!

Hi All,
What great news Beng Keat…congrats!!!!I have a suggestion, why don’t everyone in CYZ share a triplet gift for Beng Keat and Lai Li. Maybe triplets baby cot or pram. When we decide what it is, it would be good that Beng Keat you let everyone know, cause we don’t want anyone else buying the same thing right? How about that? RM10 a person? What do you think Pastor Marg and Pastor Mike?


E-mail 3

From: Beng Keat
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 3:20 PM
To:; Lai Li
Subject: RE: Is a Triplet!!

Hi Julia,
Thanks for your thoughfulness and excitement.
This year has really passed by quick and fast, and quarter 1 has gone.
It is now APRIL...and it is the first day of APRIL.

Happy April Fool's day everyone!!
I'd thought of sharing this "private joke" only with the Biz 2 members as we can more or less control the communication flow as you all meet in our house every weekly. The truth is supposed to be revealed to you all tonight. However, need to "chuen poh"/ break the joke now as it has gone to the CYZ yahoo grp!! Ps Marge and Ps Mike too!!

Hope that this will not get out of hand and we will start receiving gifts in the "triplet". We don't actually mind ):

We are equally Wow! Wah! and Wow! again for the 1 baby that we are blessed with at this moment. As I am always being reminded that children is of the Lord. They are God's greatest gift. It will be one of the most wonderful gift and experience for the both of us.

So for those who stay nearby...stop panicking as there will only be 1 baby for the time being):

To cheer things up on the 1st of April

E-mail 4

Confession time.
Beng Keat and Lai Li…the truth is, this email never went to the cyz yahoo groups. So, April Fool!!!!!
Just needed to see your reaction when we intentionally resend the email to make you think we sent it to everyone else. Noticed the missing “s” in the yahoo group email address? Jee Ing helped identify this “fake” email that would most likely go unnoticed. To make it more real, I needed some assistance…yea, I got Charmaine and Pastor Mike to congratulate you on purpose. ;) Actually I was really hoping you would send your confession email to the real dumc yahoo group!!!! Hehehehehe.

But it was fun right???? It only happens once a year anyway….but tell you what, I’ll try my best to keep this email until your child learns to read and show it to him/her about being triplets!!!!


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