Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Philharmonic Experience

Yup, yesterday night, I had the opportunity to experience the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Nope, didn't pay for it. Hehehe. My cousin and his friends couldn't make it and had 4 extra tickets so my mum, aunt, Charmaine and I get to go. Always wanted to attend something like that but never really thought of booking months in advance, paying, going all the way to KLCC, alone.

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The conductor was Kees Bakels. Also performing was Joost Flach, Philip Arkinstall, Daniel Hrinda and Sabina Pade on oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn respectively. Honestly, no offence but absolutely does not ring a bell. What to do, not really the kind who will read up on latest classical musicians. But all of them together with MPO are really great. They performed 3 pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. Extremely great dynamic controls man, and watching them play each note precisely spot-on…total RESPECT! Well, they ARE professionals!!!

I believe audio equipment is minimum in the hall. Only 6 mics hanging from the ceiling, 2 front fill speakers, some on the sides, and yet, it sounded so majestic. It's the canggih hall, the 1st Malaysian concert hall specially built for classical music. I wonder how much it cost :P

One other thing that really impressed me. The audience. No ugly Malaysian! Zero phone ringing, everyone abide by the dress code, no children screaming, no talking, no kicking the back of your chair....absolute silence through out the performance! People only dared shift position/cough when a part of the pieces ends! Oh, I know why, because more than 80% of them aren't even Malaysians!

But it’s really cool. Charmaine mention that if we had the opportunity to experience this when we were younger and still learning the piano, it would have really inspired us. I totally agree. :D SO, do grab a chance to go when you can. Bring your kids when they are tired of practicing their instruments (but please don’t bring them if they are unable to sit still-spoil saja). I am sure it will make a difference.

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