Thursday, September 01, 2005

Being positive?

I haven’t written anything for like 10,000 years…fine, I like to exaggerate (I assume all of you who know me can tell when I’m exaggerating and when I’m not ;-p). But that’s just how I feel. Work…not fun. And nope, still don’t prefer studying accounts to that. After working for a while, I realized how many things were not revealed to me during my interview. Well, lesson learned: ask even the most obvious question next time. I have tried and I am still trying my best to stay in this job. I do try telling myself that I will CHOOSE to be happy at work. It works, sometimes. But lately, things are getting a little overwhelming. I can write a 5000 word essay on that. But I think I better not dwell in that too much. There are 2 things that I really do like. I met some really great people and the current office is just one LRT stop away from DSP.

I’m setting a limit. One last straw, if it doesn’t work then......... hey, everyone has a tolerance level.

Ok, time to talk about something much more happier and interesting! Let’s see, not too long ago, I attended Rueben Morgon’s concert. To me, it wasn’t just a concert; it was a really amazing worship experience. Those of you who were there will know...wish there are more of such "concerts" around.

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I had a great birthday makans! Ehehe. One session at TGIF with Mei Peng and Annette (eh, mana photo lah, only show off your new phone but never share the photos), one session with Paul at the now famous Sri Paandi (i think we ate at the corner lot one), one session at Manhattan Fish Market with Debbie, Joseph, Choon Ean, Karen and Andrea, another makan with movie with Monica and Debbie, and one more at Chili’s with Jee Ing, Charmaine, Yvonne and Lydia. Wah, I feel so blessed…a bit bloated too maybe! Hehe.

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Despite the haze, you gals still made it. Thanks yeah! And thanks to everyone for remembering my bday, the pressies and not forgetting the video...ahem. Please, no unauthorized filming or screening. Yih Wen, I know my rights… I am the law…
Then there was last Friday’s Planetshakers@DSP. Thank God I manage to get half day off (wasn’t exactly easy when I was leaving that afternoon) for the rehearsal. But I had an excellent time. It was just awesome, enjoyed so much. Was such an honour to serve along with them, although I didn’t do much. :-p

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I felt it ended too quickly....too soon! Probably because I knew I was going to work the next day…

People, do pray for me. I really want to get another job….FAST.


PaulOS said...

Wei.. you forget me lar.. erhem.. how can you forget the Banana Leaf rice? hmm?

weisguy said...

hang in there julie(a)!
ur in there for a reason
and a purpose...
someone i know very well said
recently: julia has grown up leh!

pls dun lose that rare smile OK?

weisguy said...

forgot to tell u> u did an excellent job at stagemix, thanx!
showing up at the DVD n makan nite
even when u couldnt really make it bcos of work meant a lot to the guy who organised it!