Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Ever since I started working, I did some stuff quite "unimagineable" not too long ago. Like what? Like when ppl call me out to mamak/1 utama etc, i actually replied, "dun wan la, I'm tired". But there is one that is even worse....I actually fell asleep watching tv! It has never happened before! I mean I fell asleep when I was "trying" to study for uncountable times but never when I'm watching tv!!! Weird man...

But nope, still don't prefer studying accounts...so stubborn huh... ;-p

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PaulOS said...

I have no problem falling asleep in front of TV. in fact been doing it since I was kid. ha ha ha..

I guess if I were really tired.. i'd come home from work and fall asleep right away in the chair or on the bed. ka ka ka