Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A decade

It's been a decade now that I've been using mobile phone. It is amazing how much technology has advanced in 10 years.

Nokia 5110 (2000-2003)
Mum bought this for me. I was a student then and this was the best phone in the market! The phone and the sim card cost her RM699! I remember it was with me on the eve of the millenium. Snake game was fun. Screen & button failed me at the end of it's life. Surprisingly I never broke the antenna.

Nokia 3300 (2003-2006)
Although a couple of hundreds were paid to the telco for this Linkin Park contest, but this was a music phone... a rare breed then. But learned my leason never to try this again. Too risky. In the end, the buttons failed me. I had to apply so much pressure just to hang up!

Nokia 6280 (2006-2009)
This was a timely blessing. Can't find any fault with this phone other than the fact that every time I connect it to a PC, it seems to hang and I can't seem to edit contacts either. Was hoping it would stay with me longer but it was the last straw when someone called me for an interview and I can't hear what on earth he said to me.


Stephanie said...

U kept all the boxes ah? I thought you only sayang your mobile phone he he he...

jules said...

haha. i almost forgot i kept all of them until i was clearing my wardrobe. thought i'll just take a picture of them before throwing. better not keep so much trash. :-p

caseytaykc said...

See should have stick to Nokia.. I thought you were after the E-series?

jules said...

yah, it was either this or the E52. but when i took a look the real E52, i think it is a bit weird. :-p a bit not proportion la. and it cost more lor. the other option was the older model E66 - but even this is beyond my budget.

crap. just saw the 6600i slide - oh, but no wifi.cheh.