Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stuff SonyEricsson should have

After using the phone for a week now, there are some things that irk me about my new SonyEricsson W705 phone.

There are certains things that I liked a lot about my old Nokia phone that is not here.
  1. can't group my contact above a certain number. Can't remember what was the limit. It is definitely less than 20.
  2. can't assign a group tone neither can I assign a group picture. I had to do the assignment one contact at a time.
  3. can't assign photo to a contact if the photos is NOT saved in picture folder. but can be done if i open the photo and assign it to a contact. weird.
  4. can't make the sms font any smaller. i prefer to be able to read as much as possible on 1 page.
  5. can't set the limit of sent and inbox message so that it will overwrite to old ones.
  6. it does not show me the number of sms that is in my inbox, sent, draft. hv to make sure i delete before it takes up all the space in my phone.
  7. i can't assign the different profile with different ringtone.
  8. the calendar does not show me a preview of my appointment.
  9. i can't set auto delete to old appointment made in the calendar.
  10. can't customise the number of seconds before the phone goes on standby.
  11. can't customise the number of seconds before the phone auto lock. i can't lock it by pressing any button. it has to autolock or i have to slide open and close to lock.
  12. can't assign the short cut key directly to compose sms. (it's a 2 steps now)
  13. generally the phone is slow in response. there is almost a 2 seconds delay to enter into contacts.
  14. can't customise contact view.
  15. can't customise the 2 buttons on the phone.
  16. can't save photo to any other folder.
But it has the following features that my old Nokia phone does not have
  1. contact image pop up when sms is received.
  2. love how the sms can be viewed as a conversation.
  3. multiple setting for alarm.
  4. shortcut key to silent the phone.
  5. animation wallpaper.
  6. an indicator icon that show that i have replied or forwarded a sms.
  7. it shows a count time when a call is answered so i don't have to put the phone to my ears and listen to irritating caller ringtones. (the screen looks the same when a call is answered on my old nokia, never know when the call is through)


Deborah Ng said...

Wah.. your phone and ex-phone sounds so canggih. My phone doesn't have any of the features you mentioned! :) Maybe you can work for Nokia.. you know a lot about their products!

jules said...

haha. got la. i'm sure your phone has got quite a number of the features. one good thing about nokia is i think they give a lot of option for customization.

i make it a point to understand and click on every option available on my phone. kiasu. wanna fully utilized it.