Friday, August 13, 2004

The blessed week

I think I put on weight. No wait....I'm pretty sure I put on weight. Darn...and I'm older now!

Let's see, would it seem like I'm bragging if i tell everyone how many cakes I had in 1 week? No, not that I'm such a great person that I have a lot of gifts. It's just God's amazing blessing for me to have great friends. So, it's not about me but the great friends I have, ok?

Sook Fern, my CG member had a pretty hectic week last week. College started and she was also in hospital to accompany Amy. Still she had time to get me and Lai Li a cake and a present. The CG got me Juwita's album. So how did she check if I had the album....she called me to pick her for CG(when she didn't really need a ride) and ask me if I knew which was Jacky Cheung's song. Smart girl huh...Thank you and also everyone at CG-B.Keat, L.Li, J.Ing, K.Yew, Lau, Annie, Jolene, Marilyn, S.Jun, Jeremy and the rest who weren't around !

It was my mum's birthday on Sunday. I thought I'll get her something different. She did mention long time ago that it would be nice to have a cake made only of jelly or ice-cream. So I ordered one from a write up about jelly cakes from the Star newspaper. It was really nice. Something different. The only problem initially was I had to pick it up from Puchong. A place that I'm absolutely not familiar with . Thank God. I wasn't really lost, somehow found my way.

Yih Wen told me that she wanted to go to Sg. Wang to buy a bag on Sunday. Well, she did mention it quite a while ago. So I thought I'll accompany her there since she sounded like no one else was interested to go with her. Told her that I needed to be back by 4 something cause having dinner to celebrate my mum's birthday. I was pretty sceptical cause I knew that it's always pretty late after crew and church. It was around 2pm after church, I thought we'll better rush to the LRT straight from church when this little girl decided she was hungry. I told her we won't be able to make it back in time. She said we would. Fine. When we reached centrepoint, someone called out my name from a red was Danielle, Joseph's daughter. Yea, my team was at Pizza Uno. All these nautii ppl. Fei Yau asked me earlier in church to join them for lunch somemore when he knew we were rushing soooo nautii...I also received a flower....a cauliflower and chocolate cake! Apparently they forgot something for me. They left it in EdgeKew. Not that I'm paranoid but the things the crew can do to me...really made me wonder what they left behind!!! Thanks little girl, KC, Joanne, F.Yau, Emily, Melvin, Joseph and family!

On Tuesday, Jeanine got me tix for House of flying dagger. So, I had free movie!!! Kah Wei also gave me a cake and a present. Thanks! Know Mei Peng wanted to pass me something too but I wasn't home.

Early this morning, Yih Wen drop by to pass the me stuff they forgot to give me on Sunday. It was a card printed with my school photos. I can't believe it, this little girl had the time to go through our year book to search for my school photos. My mistake to tell her I was her senior. Good thing you didn't get the wrong person!!! Now most of the crew would have seen it....they had to leave it in the EdgeKew! But thank you, that was really thoughful!

Today's my last day at work. I need to study . LAST PAPER!!! We had lunch at pizza hut and they bought me a cake. Thanks Alex, Sarah, Jolene, Jek, Warren and Marlene. Was great working with you all these few weeks. Hope I didn't mess up anything or give any headache! If I ever wanna get know where to go. (so yih wen, who else did you tell that it was my bday? somehow after you found out, you seem to have told the whole world. Taking it off my blog just didn't help).

Seems like I've been overflowingly blessed this week. Feel a bit spoil or pamper with the attention ....hmmmmm...funny la, rare, not use to it, shouldn't get use to it also la.....else next time can feel LoA.

Really appreciate all those messages and calls. Thank u everyone!. You all made growing older not so bad.

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