Saturday, August 21, 2004

Exam, a thing of the past

It's over, IT'S over, IT'S ALL OVER!!!!!!! Well, I pray and hope it is. I shall never have to take another exam in my life again!!! Not only that I absolutely DON'T LIKE (like every other NORMAL person on earth should feel), I am allergic to exam....yes I AM.

Think I had a pretty good night sleep last night. Other than the fact that exam is over...FOREVER, I was really tired. Didn't really sleep the night before. OK...reach home pretty late after Jesus Heals also laaaa.

It's a good thing for me. Other than the fact that I REALLY have to look for job now. I mean I'm pretty much labeled unemployed right now....hmmmm, but i still have my student card. Maybe I'm still a student as long as I still own VALID student card. Will have to return the card after results are out la.

Have to get my reusme finalised. Somehow, everytime I look at it, I always have something I wanna change or add or delete. It's not really impressive. Was referring to some of my frens' obviously I was reading everything...So impressed that when I read mine after that....I won't wanna employ me!!! Well, let's hope they don't ask me why I failed some papers....oh no....I think they will SURELY ask.....i can sense it. But whatever it is, I'm gonna have to show them I'm better at working than at studying... I trust God will provide me a job.

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