Monday, July 05, 2004

Free tickets and more

I finally got to watch Harry Potter and The Day after Tomorrow on Friday. Was late for Harry Potter. Think i missed at least 10 minutes. This was because my brother woke up late, had to find parking etc. I tried pretty hard not to complain since he's getting me the free tix. I really cannot stand being late for the movies! Cannot miss any part of the movie....

went and watch alone. Actually, i always do that. This way, I get to watch the movie I want. Don't have to watch stuffs I think are a waste to watch on the big screen.

Have to admit the 2 movies are only OK. The Day was quite below my expectation. Too predictable and nothing great other than the effects.

Spent Saturday at the Discipleship Breakthrough Conference. Have to confess that i didn't intend to go initially BUT was schdule on to help out so...there i was. It was a truly good conference and a divine appointment.

Went out for dinner with Yoong Yit and her Dew Crew team for farewell. Didn't realise, we were an hour late! Also found out that Hoi Hian was going to propose (and yup....Cynthia said YES!) Hehe. When we found out after dinner, everyone was trying to "HELP" by giving all sorts of ideas. The funniest was when we were trying to come out with a poem for him. Philip told Hoi Hian that if he wasn't going to use it, Philip himself would!

Today.....was suppose to get up early and go for a morning walk. Told myself i will do that after i get my sport shoes but was just so sleepy! Hehe. Was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire till pretty late. Somehow i always have excuse. Last week was because the shoe was wet and took quite a while to dry.

Chen Ni gave me the Harry Potter book at least 3 years ago. Been sitting on the shelf since then. My initial plan was to read the first 3 book then read it. BUT, it didn't happen. Don't know anyone with the complete collection except her---and she 's in UK!Bad excuse. Well, since i've watched all 3 in the movies, i thought i'll just read it....a little short cut. I STILL have the LOTR to read.....I'll do that....once i get the books....hehehe.

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