Thursday, July 08, 2004

Phone update

Got my phone fixed....but they upgraded my software...meaning there goes all the games i've ever downloaded and the wallpapers..*sob* *sob* I'm trying to look at the bright side. I only paid for the wallpapers, my free nokia logo ID is gone...i didn't pay for the downloaded games thanx to andrea hehe. Those are ex! Good thing I've also finished playing all the games.

A little worried about the CG outing tomorrow. I've actually booked tickets for spiderman on Wednesday 12.10am online for Friday's show...just to make sure I get the tickets. I even have the reference ID. Brother was suppose to collect the tickets this morning. Guess such ID existed ...can't believe it. Am praying now that my bookings would eventually turn up...some how. It's really too late to buy from any cinema now...especially when I need 10 tickets. Well, worst thing would be to have a change of plans...just that I think it would be disappointing...

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