Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Since I didn't manage to catch Spiderman2 last week , I wanna make sure I could this week. Was so tempted to go watch without the CG ...hehehe. Monica and Karen was watchin it yesterday.

So earlier today, went to TGV to get tickets for Friday night show for the CG. I knew if i wanted to get good seats for all 12 of us, it's better to get it as early as possible. My failure to obtain tickets is really getting to me They were not selling until the evening...and someone told me they sell a week in advanced!

Thank God, Sook Fern offered to get the tickets in the evening. Was getting a little more than disappointed.... Hopefully all goes well.

Am finally going to watch Shrek2 tomorrow with JeeIng. I suspect it's the last day of screening. She actually took leave just for it. A very well deserving break after working without a day off for atleast 12days. Since the nearest cinema still showing it is GCS, we'll have to go to mid valley. Honestly, I don't know if it's worth the distance. Maybe we should watch something else too...hehehe.

Quite sleepy. Slept at 6am this morning. Was trying ot finish off Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I did finish it......amazing, it 's so much harder when it's anything to do with my studies. It's a great challenge to even stay awake till 2am!!! Well, I haven't been reading a story book for a pretty long time.

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