Thursday, July 01, 2004

My first post

Hmmm, thought of checking this out for a long time. Well since I'm "unemployed" now and quite free....well not exactly too, have tons of stuff to do but just can't seem to get started on it.

Like what? like clean my room....books are not everyhwere....i just dump them all in the cupboard!!!so it's not a visibly messy...JeeIng warned me if i don't do it's gonna be like that permanently!!!

I promise myself i'll watch all the good movies in the cinema. So far i've only watched Troy and Van Helsing. Somehow there was a rumour that I've watch everything in the cinema....WELL, NOT true! Still hoping to catch Harry Potter and The Day after Tomorrow. No, haven't watch Shrek2 either....see??? I haven't been watching that much movies.

Actually I've just read yihwen's blog, didn't know i was "accuse" of such allegations. Proof? WELL, read it in her chatterbox.

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