Thursday, July 22, 2004

Temporary work

I've started working part time with Alex. Just helping out Jolene with some of the accounting work. Wasn't planning to look for anything full time till I finish my last paper. I have started studying....a few page....know I have to start picking up the pace.

Actually I'm asking around to see what alternative job I can actually apply for. Although I studied accounting and finance, I doubt I can last long doing accounting only. Seriously, don't know why I pick accounting for studies, probably because it's suppose to be an area where it is easier to secure a job. But the thought of doing extremely routine job and stuck in the office all day long.....that isn't quite me. Many have adviced me to atleast give it a try after all those years of studies. Well, I guess i should....

The only thing that really scares me is the thought of studying again. It is necessary for anyone doing accounts today to have professional papers....yikes! study more accounts....I DON'T THINK SO Then again, I'm probably just sick of studying right now.

What I would really wanna do for the next month or atleast before I start working is to learn diving and go for a mission trip. The thing is, if I start working, all these will have to delay for atleast another year. Don't think any boss will be too impress with their new staff taking a whole week off. But to do that, the balance in my bank will probably have to multiply by 10. And there are some more important stuff I need to get since I'm planning to work soon. Like get clothes that will atleast last me 2 weeks!!!

GOsh, I sound like such an "excellent" complainer....guess that's enough complain for a day. Then again, I just realise it's always the same thing that I'm complaining about. Better do something about it.

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